Mixed media installation; image print on satin, chain and binder rings

Video: Single-channel on screen, 16.9 format, colour and sound, 3 min 36 sec

Music: Lux 1 (Original Mix) by Seefeel, Starethrough EP, Produced by Warp Records

Rite of the
Time Teller

Using a collection of moving images to formulate a digital archive for the future, Rite of the Time Teller is an introspection of gestures and practices passed down through ancestral, everyday rituals within the Tamil household.

Existing between fiction and nonfiction, autobiography, documentary and documentation, subject and object, the installation reimagines the repositories of collective existence accumulated through ancestral practices of knowing and being as a Southeast Asian Tamil diaspora.

To locate is to return; the living archive as an embodiment becomes a site of an imaginary continuum between the present and future, eventually shaping experiences, realities, and environments. The appearance of the feral, golden hand symbolises its role in shaping the present archive while mediating between the past and the future. 

Priyageetha Dia, Rite of the Time Teller, 2021, mixed-media installation. Between the Living and the Archive, 9 – 28 March 2021, installation view. Photography by Ruey Loon.

© Between the Living and the Archive • 2021