Fabric, ardino duo, DC motors, electrical relay, sunlight


Hanging blankets out to dry and taking them in is like folding in the sunlight.

A thought from another time, carried through transfer.

Hands crinkled by repetition bringing in bundles of carefully creased comfort.

Making what is seen, felt.

Huijun Lu, (enfolding), 2021, fabric, ardino duo, DC motors, electrical relay, sunlight. Between the Living and the Archive, 9 – 28 March 2021, installation view. Photography by Ruey Loon.
(enfolding) is a kinetic installation symbolising the transformation of textile into tactile memory. In its presentation, the fabric represents blankets hung in the open. Inspired by her great grandmother, who migrated to Singapore at a young age, the work tells of her appreciation for sunlight. Coming from Fuyang Town, Chaozhou (浮洋镇, 潮州), a province in China, the change from seasonal climates to tropical ones, the luxury to hang laundry out to dry left a lasting impression. 
Having never met her great grandmother, the work embodies the filtration of knowledge transmission in that process of re-telling through her mother. (enfolding) captures the blanket as holding these sensory memories, stemming from experiencing geographical displacement to building new perceptions of a world in a different time zone, and its continual impact for the generations after.

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